Students who won in Denary Level

Grade: 3-5

  • ​Canales Merchan Elaine

Grade: 6-8

  • Robis Mariae

‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’ states that “Catechesis is an education in the faith of children, young people, and adults which includes especially the teaching of Christian doctrine imparted, generally speaking, in an organic and systematic way, with a view to initiating the hearers into the fullness of Christian life.”


Religion Bee

Today there is an urgent need to form and nurture the faith of the young people who come from various national, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The uniqueness of St. Michael’s parish community is that it is a confluence of diverse cultures, traditions and languages.  We have a team of experts (almost fifty-five), all volunteers sparing themselves selflessly to teach the young the basics of our Faith and the teachings of the Church.  The Religious Education Curriculum of our parish includes various aspects of our Catholic faith:  Preparations for the reception of the Sacraments, Meaningful Celebration of the Eucharist, Holy Hours, Eucharistic Processions, Stations of the Cross, Retreats, Special Liturgical Services during the Holy Week etc. Use of dramatics to contemplate the Nativity and Passion scenes, and encouraging the children to take active part in the community services are also included in the program.  Besides the above mentioned, the Curriculum also includes Catechesis on the importance of Human Sexuality and Family Life in the light of Catholic Church Teachings.  We also teach Catechism to children who need special assistance by providing them intensive classes.  Catechism classes are provided for the students from First to twelfth Grades in English, Spanish and Mandarin. 

Our parish provides opportunity for the parents to be present for about four to six sessions prior to their children receiving the Sacraments of Penance, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. The parents participate actively during these sessions which usually follow the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.  This is meant to bring the families together and to conscientize them of the importance of participating in the faith formation of their children as it is primarily their duty.  Each of the above mentioned components, while mutually reinforcing, provides a significant focus on the Religious Faith Formation at St. Michael’s. 

Catechism classes at St. Michael’s Parish are conducted with a view to educate and form our students in the Catholic tradition, to help them mature in their faith to be committed Christians, and to live authentically the Gospel of Jesus Christ amidst the many confronting challenges of today’s world.   We help them understand our Scriptures, Faith Traditions, Teachings of the Apostles and the Church, Sacraments and Prayers so that they can know, love and live Jesus Christ.  Basically, we aim to help the students realize that the Catholic faith is not just an aspect of their lives, but something that permeates their whole life and lived out faithfully every day.  

St. Michael's Parish Level winners

Congratulations to our students  

Grade : 3 - 5

  1. Perez Gracia Amy
  2. Guardado Jose
  3. Canales Merchn Elaine

Grade : 6 - 8

  1. Robis Mariae
  2. Ponce Kayu
  3. Delgado Andrew

Congratulations to our students,   They moved on to the next round of the Diocesan Religion Bee. The event will take place on Saturday May 14th 2016.

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Religious Faith Formation at St. Michael’s Parish